Pilot Training

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Pilot Training

Books for private pilot training, airplane and helicopter, ultralights pilot, glider pilot, parachuting.


  • PPL Training

    Books for the private pilot, piloting techniques, books for flight schools and flying clubs.

  • Aviabooks

    Aviabooks serie by Rizzardo Trebbi. Complete work on basic and advanced pilot.

  • Ultralights

    Books for ultralight pilots and ultralight autogyro, paragliding and hang gliding.

  • Air Navigation

    Books on VFR and IFR navigation, flight planning.

  • Meteorology

    Books on aviation weather, aerology, atmospheric phenomena concerning flight.

  • Radiotelephony

    Books on radio communications, TEA exam and aeronautical phraseology.


  • Helicopter Pilot

    Books for helicopter pilots, helicopter piloting techniques, helicopter pilot licence.

  • Gliders

    Books on gliders, glider pilots, cross country soaring.

  • Skydiving and Ballooning

    Books on skydiving and ballooning

  • Flight Safety

    Books about flight safety and ground operations, CRM, crew coordination, psychology.