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Microphone windscreen - APcom

Foam microphone windscreen for APcom and other headphones.

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Foam microphone windscreen for APcom and other brands headphones. It is suggested to replce it periodically for an improved hygienic purposes. It is delivered with a rubber O-ring for microphone fixage.

Compatibility :
- APcom (all models),
- ASA (HS-1 and HS-1A),
- AvComm (AC-200, AC-454, AC-900, AC-920, AC-747 and AC-950),
- Beyerdynamic (HS 200, HS 400 and HS 800),
- Bose (X and A20),
- David Clark (all models but H10-30, H10-36, H10-56, H10-66 and H10-76),
- Flightcom (Denali, 4DX, 4DLX, 5DX and Classic ANR),
- Pilot Communications (PA51, PA51C, PA11-20, PA11-40, PA11-60, PA12-8S, PA8000, PA18-50, PA21-60, PA17-79)
and any other similar headphones of other brands.