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LFC military chart - Sheet 5

Miltary Low Flying aeronautical chart for VFR flights. 1:500.000 scale

Southern Italy

Edition 2004 - To be used as a reference only, not for real navigation.

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This aeronautical chart is used for military flights at a low altitude, but the information can be used for civil VFR flights as well. This chart is particularly useful because it covers the whole southern Italy with a single sheet.

The chart includes:

  • Airspaces with vertical limits
  • Regulated, dangerous and prohibited areas
  • VFR routes within controlled airspaces
  • Radio aids with frequencies
  • Airways
  • Obstacles
  • Geographical base (mounts, roads, rivers, etc.) 

The aeronautical information included are dated back to 2004. Although most of them are still valid, the chart must not be used for actual navigation.