Libri Tecnici

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Libri per progettisti ed ingegneri, tecnici di manutenzione, studenti di ingegneria, autocostruttori.


  • Aerodynamics

    Books on aerodynamics for engineering students, engineers, aircraft designers and pilots.

  • Structures

    Books for technical schools and aircraft designers.

  • Avionics & Systems

    Books on avionics and control systems of aircraft, electrical and pneumatic

  • Engines & Powerplants

    Piston and turbine aircraft engines, propellers and engine maintenance.

  • Aircraft Maintenance

    General maintenance of the aircraft, books for maintenance technicians.

  • Aircraft Design

    Books on aircraft design for engineers and engineering students of any grade.


  • Homebuilders

    Books for experimental aircrafts, DIY design, machining, composites and traditional materials.

  • Dictionaries

    Dictionaries of aeronautical terms in english and other languages.

  • Flight simulation books

    Books on flight simulation and Flight Simulator use.

  • Space

    Books on space, space missions and astrodynamics.